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22 January 2018

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Political Risk/Violence rankings survey 2017

The results are in for the Political Risk/Violence Rankings survey 2017

The Insurance Insider's Political Risk Rankings and Political Violence Rankings surveys are the most comprehensive surveys of London PR/PV brokers and underwriters ever conducted.

Having run as two separate surveys between 7 Feb and 17 March, we received a combined total of 324 submissions from London brokers and underwriters active in the specific lines of business, with each voter nominating their top three professionals and marking them on attributes and qualities.

Our survey's key features:

- Representative: overall scores' margin of error of 10% (at a 95% confidence level)
- Two-way survey: underwriters vote for brokers and vice versa.
- Attribute assessment
- Testimonials
- Segmentation of results based on experience and premiums

To view a full list of our survey's features and how it can help you please click here.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to find out who the best Political Risk/Political Violence brokers and underwriters are in the London market!

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