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22 January 2018

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The Insurance Insider US Property CAT Rankings - 2017

The independent assessment of the best US Property CAT brokers and underwriters in the market.

Welcome to the The Insurance Insider's US Property CAT Rankings survey 2017 - the most comprehensive, independent survey of US Property CAT brokers and underwriters in the global market.

If you are a US property CAT broker or underwriter, we want you to nominate who you think are the best professionals and we will ask you to mark them on the attributes and qualities that make them so good at what they do.

Your location doesn't matter - as long as you underwrite or broker US property CAT business you can vote!

How it works

This is a two-way survey: US property CAT underwriters will be ranking brokers, while brokers will be voting to decide the best underwriters.

The responses will be tabulated to produce a ranking of the market's most highly regarded US property CAT underwriters and brokers.

Apart from the best brokers and underwriters, the survey enquires about the best catastrophe modelling firm, weather tool and other risk service providers used in the market.

This is your opportunity to cast your vote for those partners who deserve a tip of the hat for offering outstanding service and value.

All submissions will be treated in the strictest confidence.

What's in it for you?

As a thank you for participating in this survey, we will let you know the position you achieved in your relevant ranking, as voted by your counterparts. We will also share the perception of the market about your relative strengths as a professional and what your supporters say about you.

The survey is very short and can be completed in around 5 minutes.

The survey will remain open until Thursday 4th January.

Individual scores and anonymised peer's commentary will be shared with all participants following the release of headline results in January 2018.

For more information or clarification you can get in touch with our research team.

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