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25 February 2018

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February 2018/3
Publication Date: 20 February 2018

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Ex-Integro duo drop start-up plans to join RFIB

20 February 2018

John Sutton and Toby Humphreys, previously co-heads of Integro's UK operation, have shelved plans to launch a new brokerage and look set to join RFIB instead, The Insurance Insider understandsRead more

Canopius MBO set to close in early March

20 February 2018

Centerbridge's acquisition of Lloyd's carrier Canopius is poised to close early next month, The Insurance Insider understandsRead more

Stop making sense

20 February 2018

Insurance is a really simple business. You take in premiums and you use them to pay out claims. Anything left over is profitRead more

Non-appearance losses dog contingency market

20 February 2018

Spiralling incurred loss ratios from non-appearance risks have put the contingency market under the spotlight, prompting a scaling back in lines being put down and three market exits since last summerRead more

Opinion: Income-grabbing is the root of all evil

20 February 2018

In some ways, the problems facing the contingency market are no different to those facing other specialty insurance linesRead more

D&O pricing remains weak but market leaders see hope

20 February 2018

Pricing for directors' and officers' insurance is getting firmer, albeit slowly and in distinct areas, while industry executives are heartened that market leaders are walking away from business if they have toRead more

P&I clubs using equities to ‘hide' underwriting results

20 February 2018

Protection and indemnity club leaders canvassed by The Insurance Insider have raised concerns that double-digit year-to-date returns from equity investments are allowing clubs to hide imprudent underwritingRead more

Political risk capacity grows 30% in 3 years: BPL

20 February 2018

Global credit and political risk insurance capacity has increased by nearly a third since 2015, with the market increasingly willing to take on financial risks without trade collateralRead more

Bermudians see 18 months of profits cancelled out

20 February 2018

Although Q4 was another messy and loss-hit quarter for Bermudian carriers, when looking at the group's results it is perhaps more important to step back and observe the full-year and longer-term trendsRead more

Bermudian ex-cat underwriting margin erosion lingers in Q4

20 February 2018

Underlying results at Bermuda-based (re)insurers worsened in the fourth quarter of 2017, as the group's accident-year ex-cat loss ratio deteriorated year on yearRead more

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