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24 January 2018

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January 2018/4
Publication Date: 23 January 2018

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Noonan signs off with deal 8 as Duperreault inks deal 1

23 January 2018

Two of insurance's most experienced dealmakers, AIG CEO Brian Duperreault and Validus CEO Ed Noonan, struck the first and last deals of their respective tenures yesterday, as the global insurance giant made good on its growth pronouncementsRead more

The end of the end

23 January 2018

The AIG-Validus deal puts an end to the Bermudian class of 2005Read more

Shares surge as Duperreault backs Bermuda

23 January 2018

Bermuda-based carriers' share prices jumped upon the news of AIG's $5.56bn takeover bid for Validus yesterday, buoyed not only by the prospect of further M&A on the island but also Brian Duperreault's positive outlook on the sectorRead more

Analyst Take: AIG-Validus its the management incentives, stupid

23 January 2018

One way to think about AIG's $5.6bn proposed acquisition of Validus is as an elegant example of the fact that the structure of management incentives will shape corporate strategy - for better or for worseRead more

Bermudians dwindle in number after Validus takeout

23 January 2018

With Validus set to come under AIG ownership, the spotlight falls on the dwindling number of Bermudian (re)insurers still in the public marketsRead more

ILS possibilities: what AIG could do with AlphaCat

23 January 2018

The AlphaCat asset management franchise appears to have played a major role in AIG's decision to bid for Validus, and if the deal closes it will be the first time that a major global insurer has owned an alternative asset management platform of scaleRead more

Validus offer tops recent Bermudian deal valuations

23 January 2018

Validus looks set to secure a premium takeout multiple relative to other recent Bermudian sellers after AIG agreed to acquire the business for $5.56bn, or 1.58x fully diluted book valueRead more

Tax reform helped value AIGs $5.6bn Validus bid

23 January 2018

Validus looks set to become a US taxpayer after its $5.6bn acquisition by AIG, with the buyer's management citing recent tax reforms that may also shape future deals involving the purchase of overseas carriers by US companiesRead more

Growth in (re)insurance capital dampened 1.1 rate rises: Guy Carp

23 January 2018

Continued excess capacity and the overall resilience of the market meant most 1 January accounts renewed flat on a risk-adjusted basis, according to Guy CarpenterRead more

Trade credit market adds Carillion to loss tally

23 January 2018

The implosion of Carillion is likely to add further losses to UK trade credit underwriters already reeling from the collapse of wholesaler Palmer & Harvey and airline MonarchRead more

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