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17 October 2017

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Two common wishful thoughts you must avoid

17 October 2017

Anyone who spends time on LinkedIn will be more than familiar with the eye-catching headlines written by the marketing departments of large recruitment or consultancy firmsRead more

The story of Old Turkey

10 October 2017

Imagine that on your way home the urge suddenly takes you to gamble. You walk straight into a betting shop and place the biggest bet you can afford on a horse raceRead more

Hang onto your halos

3 October 2017

Let me take a wild guess - I bet you're glad it's not Q3 2017 anymoreRead more

HIM hurts

26 September 2017

Sometimes I think the reinsurance market is like an old prize fighter reduced to being an attraction at a travelling fairRead more

Regression, then progress

19 September 2017

It seems paradoxical that I should be writing to tell you of the demise of our monthly print editionRead more

The Promised Land

5 September 2017

Imagine that instead of a world of abundance, we lived in a world with fewer of the many things we have come to take for grantedRead more

Have a heart

29 August 2017

I've just had a terrible ideaRead more

Broker 2017

22 August 2017

It is a basic rule of technology adoption that the tech must be better than what it is replacingRead more

Insurance that stinks

15 August 2017

The insurance industry is regulated for good reasonRead more

Temperature’s rising

8 August 2017

Last week I went off to sunny Spain, and it was very much Y Viva EspañaRead more

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