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26 April 2017

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Cryptic messages?

25 April 2017

It's really easy to knock a limpet off a rock if it's not expecting the blow to comeRead more

Shoot the (bulletproof) messenger

18 April 2017

Journalists have a justified reputation for being thick-skinnedRead more

Broker remuneration

11 April 2017

The numbers tell a very stark story indeedRead more

Unsettlingly expensive

4 April 2017

Back in its 2006 annual report, Lloyd's reported net earned premiums of £12.7bn ($15.8bn) and spent £3.4bn on acquisition costs and £910mn on adminRead more

Potters' delight

28 March 2017

Capital is inanimate, subservient and unable to think for itselfRead more

‘What the hell is blockchain anyway?’

21 March 2017

Sometimes being so embedded in our industry can be a disadvantage for The Insurance InsiderRead more

Don’t forget the talent

14 March 2017

Anyone doubting the scale of the task for whoever takes over at AIG should consider this: In 2015 AIG spent $100mn on an IT projectRead more

A cold bath

7 March 2017

Never underestimate the ability of even the best-intentioned authorities to mess things upRead more

Hurricane Ogden

28 February 2017

Insurers need a properly independent judiciary to be able to function with confidenceRead more

Over to Bruce

21 February 2017

The difference between the functions of the chairman of Lloyd's and his or her powers are quintessentially British in their ambiguityRead more

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