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29 June 2017

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If it is broke, fix it

27 June 2017

It turns out that markets aren't broken after allRead more

Bathroom sockets and other BS

20 June 2017

"Why are there no electric sockets in UK bathrooms?"Read more

No time to leave the incubator

13 June 2017

It's strange how some things seem to change fundamentally but that fundamentally things don't change at allRead more

When the vans roll out of town

6 June 2017

Yesterday my usual route to work took me past a squadron of white TV satellite uplink vans lining the neighbouring river crossing to London Bridge, pressing as close to the police cordon as they daredRead more

A thankless task

30 May 2017

You need the hide of a rhinoceros to be the chairman of Lloyd'sRead more

The targets get softer

23 May 2017

They went out to a concert and came home from war. The narrative is commonplace, but no less shocking for its familiarityRead more

How long has he got?

16 May 2017

Two years ago, English football (soccer, if you must) team Chelsea won the Premier League title - the UK equivalent of the Super BowlRead more

Never mind the price

9 May 2017

All trades need willing buyers and sellers in order to happen - that's what makes a market. The magic of the trading environment means that even though each counterparty is doing the opposite of the other, both are rightRead more

No fool like a new fool

2 May 2017

Quarterly reporting season is upon us. The Insurance Insider news desk collectively sighs and pretends to be flustered, but secretly they are excitedRead more

Cryptic messages?

25 April 2017

It's really easy to knock a limpet off a rock if it's not expecting the blow to comeRead more

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