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19 August 2017

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Insurance that stinks

15 August 2017

The insurance industry is regulated for good reasonRead more

Temperature’s rising

8 August 2017

Last week I went off to sunny Spain, and it was very much Y Viva EspañaRead more

35 delightful minutes with Lemonade

1 August 2017

The greatest paradox of today is that some of our best marketers are actually the worst communicatorsRead more

A leaky roof

25 July 2017

I've got a leaky roofRead more

Crème brûlée revisited

18 July 2017

Food analogies can be a lot of fun, as long as they don't go staleRead more

Who’s afraid of brokers?

11 July 2017

Underwriters - are you scared of big bad brokers threatening to cut off your dwindling supply of profitable business if you don't do what they want?Read more

Killing a mouse

4 July 2017

Famous writer and thinker George Orwell once wrote an essay about killing an elephantRead more

If it is broke, fix it

27 June 2017

It turns out that markets aren't broken after allRead more

Bathroom sockets and other BS

20 June 2017

"Why are there no electric sockets in UK bathrooms?"Read more

No time to leave the incubator

13 June 2017

It's strange how some things seem to change fundamentally but that fundamentally things don't change at allRead more

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