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25 February 2018

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Stop making sense

20 February 2018

Insurance is a really simple business. You take in premiums and you use them to pay out claims. Anything left over is profitRead more


13 February 2018

Are we in insurance going against the gods?Read more

A time for execution

6 February 2018

On a wall of the Insider offices is a framed piece of original artwork that was published on the front cover of the fourth issue of the then London Insurance InsiderRead more

The punishment fits the crime

30 January 2018

Are markets stupid?Read more

The end of the end

23 January 2018

The AIG-Validus deal puts an end to the Bermudian class of 2005Read more

A quarter full, or three quarters empty?

16 January 2018

It always annoys me when people ask if I'm a glass-half-empty or glass-half-full type of personRead more

Come on baby, light my fire

9 January 2018

"I've been down so goddamn long that it looks like up to me." So sang Jim Morrison on the Doors' last studio album LA WomanRead more

After 1.1

2 January 2018

The broad shape of the 1 January renewals is now clear. And although there is a bull case to be made around casualty and an uptick in elements of primary pricing, the outcome is broadly disappointing for a reinsurance market still disproportionately reliant on property to make moneyRead more

The Terminator market strikes back

19 December 2017

It is a universal rule of cinema that movie sequels are always worse than the originalRead more

Opinion: The AJ Gallagher crackdown

12 December 2017

AJ Gallagher is attempting to cut out third party wholesalers in London. There are major rewards if AJ Gallagher can reduce the amount of brokerage that leaks from its retail networkRead more

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