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12 December 2017

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Water, water everywhere

5 December 2017

Following any major loss event, the great debate always recurs: how interconnected is the global insurance industry?Read more

Small data and insurance

28 November 2017

For a medium supposed to set people free, it is amazing how the development of the worldwide web has corralled us into various silosRead more

Insurance will be sexier

21 November 2017

Insurance is going to have to get sexier because even our most undemanding customers will soon demand itRead more

Where are the warts?

14 November 2017

What an industry we have the privilege to write about!Read more

Trouble in paradise

7 November 2017

It's not every day that I brush my teeth while listening to the premier of Bermuda getting a grilling from a hostile BBC journalistRead more


31 October 2017

Contrary to the popular mythology that journalists are fuelled by an almost exclusive diet of hard liquor, we scribes actually function on a steady stream of tea and coffeeRead more

AIR is from Mars, RMS is from Venus

24 October 2017

Make no mistake about it, at times like these, the modelling and ratings agencies are the de facto regulators of the marketplaceRead more

Two common wishful thoughts you must avoid

17 October 2017

Anyone who spends time on LinkedIn will be more than familiar with the eye-catching headlines written by the marketing departments of large recruitment or consultancy firmsRead more

The story of Old Turkey

10 October 2017

Imagine that on your way home the urge suddenly takes you to gamble. You walk straight into a betting shop and place the biggest bet you can afford on a horse raceRead more

Hang onto your halos

3 October 2017

Let me take a wild guess - I bet you're glad it's not Q3 2017 anymoreRead more

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