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19 April 2018

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Treaty losses expected in region of $15bn-$20bn

30 March 2011

The Insurance Insider considers the major treaty exposures, including the giant Zenkyoren programme, where losses to international reinsurers could edge $8bnRead more

Heavy nat cat toll set to dominate Q4 earnings

2 February 2011

The impact of mounting weather-related catastrophe losses in the US and internationally will be felt across the property casualty (re)insurance communityRead more

2011: Waiting for the tide to turn?

13 January 2011

Available capital has ballooned and returns on equity and safe investments evaporated - sensible reinsurers should return capital or merge and hang onRead more

Lloyd’s 2011 capacity flat despite soft market

15 December 2010

The Insurance Insider's exclusive survey - which includes analysis of every syndicate's 2011 planned capacity - demonstrates that Lloyd's expects to remain at a record size in 2011Read more

The march for margin

11 October 2010

In a special 8-page report, The Insurance Insider examines how the global and international brokers are attempting to defy the soft market with a variety of initiatives designed to squeeze more revenues out of the transaction. We shine a light on an issue too often clouded by controversy and polemicsRead more

It’s not just rates that are falling...

4 August 2010

Terms and conditions (T&Cs) are under growing pressure as underwriters are desperate to maintain income amidst the soft marketRead more

All you (n)ever wanted to know about Solvency II...

8 July 2010

Just in time for the launch of the final QIS5 specification, The Insurance Insider provides its own "cheat's guide" to Solvency II, explaining just exactly what it all means in (largely) jargon-free languageRead more

Florida resistance crumbles at 1/6

4 June 2010

The talk was tough and the pre-renewal posturing unforgiving, but the supply and demand fundamentals of a global soft reinsurance market were reasserted as the orders eventually came inRead more

Reinsurers split Florida market on credit risk

18 May 2010

After a year of company failures, credit risk is now the major worry for reinsurers of the $3.5bn cat market. The Insurance Insider has a comprehensive four-page review in advance of the official start to the US hurricane seasonRead more

Another Mexican stand-off?

13 March 2010

After last year's showdown, underwriters of Gulf of Mexico (GoM) wind cover may be more flexible in 2010. But is the offshore energy market any closer to finding a sustainable           long-term solution to the region's volatility?Read more

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