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19 April 2018

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Multi-industry letter calls for TRIA reauthorisation

8 April 2014

A group of almost 260 companies and organisations across a range of industries - including several insurers - have undersigned a letter to the US Congress calling for the reauthorisation of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (TRIA)Read more

R-T Specialty wins Californian case against CRC

19 July 2011

R-T Specialty president and CEO Tim Turner won a ruling from a Los Angeles court that invalidates non-competition clauses in his contract with previous employer CRCRead more

Aon Alliant court filing

20 June 2011

Aon has filed a suit against Alliant after more than 40 of its staff including the CEO of Aon Construction Services Group Peter Arkley moved across to the rival broker, The Insurance Insider revealedRead more

Cathedral Talbot filing for AEG Michael Jackson dispute

15 June 2011

Cathedral and Talbot are suing music promoter AEG and Jackson LLC in the Superior Court of California, with a view to voiding non-appearance cover for Michael Jackson's cancelled 2009 comeback concertsRead more

Former CRC employees file lawsuit against broker after joining Ryan Specialty

14 May 2010

After approximately 100 staff left US wholesale broker CRC to join Ryan specialty, a crossfire of litigation began. Here, former CRC employees sue CRC, claiming their contractual restrictive covenants are unfair as they would restrict them from working for any other wholesale broker in the US for a period of two yearsRead more

London 100 Tax Policy Discussion Document

14 April 2010

The London 100's tax proposals to increase the attractiveness of the London market as a domicile of choice. Compiled with the help of Ernst & YoungRead more

Insurers ordered to pay out Stanford Financial Group defence costs

14 April 2010

Lloyd's and London market insurers are ordered to pay out Allen Stanford and other former executives of the Stanford Financial Group's defence costs. But the door is left open for further litigationRead more

Seaboard Corp v Marsh, AIG

19 January 2010

In the latest chapter of the bid-rigging saga that has haunted Marsh since 2004, the broking giant and American International Group (AIG) were served with a lawsuit by US commodity producer and distributor Seaboard Corp at the end of OctoberRead more

Aspen Insurance et al v Fiserv

19 January 2010

Aspen and other financial institutions insurers have asked a US court to rule that primary and excess professional indemnity policies issued to Fiserv do not provide coverage for the insured against class actions from the Madoff debacleRead more

Ohio pension funds v Moody's, S&P and Fitch

19 January 2010

The 'big three' rating agencies - S&P, Fitch and Moody's - are defendants in a class action brought by various Ohio pension fundsRead more

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