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17 January 2017

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Welcome to The Insurance Insider's Data Room.

Having been frequently contacted for copies of the data and intelligence we publish from a combination of our private sources and public information, we have decided to begin making it available online for our subscribers.

We welcome your feedback, comments and suggestions as we build this out, which can be sent to the Data Room team at

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Inside Data

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The Insider 50

10 January 2017

Monthly share price data on The Insurance Insider's universe of P&C (re)insurers Read more

P&C insurance stocks outperform the market in 2016

10 January 2017

The Insider 50 was up by 9.7 percent on average in 2016 to beat both the S&P 500, which closed up 9.5 percent, and the Euro Stoxx 600, which ended the year down 1.2 percent Read more

Insider 50 makes quiet start to year

10 January 2017

The Insider 50 index closed the first trading week of 2017 at 1,030.4, down just 0.3 percent from the end of the year Read more

Valuations grow modestly against share prices in 2016

10 January 2017

Price-to-book (PTB) multiples at P&C (re)insurance companies were marginally higher in 2016 than in the previous year, as share price growth slowed and M&A activity lessened Read more

Macro factors to colour 2017 industry outlook

10 January 2017

The first year of Donald Trump's presidency promises to be a mixed bag for the US insurance industry Read more

Rates continue to slide in energy market: JLT

10 January 2017

Chronic overcapacity and a reduction in underlying activity from customers continued to hamper the energy market in 2016, leading to further rate reductions, according to JLT Read more

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