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26 March 2017

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PRA plans internal model approval charges

24 March 2017

The Prudential Regulation Authority said it wants to introduce a fee for full and partial internal model approvals under Solvency IIRead more

Trade bodies approve single claims agreement model

23 March 2017

The development of a single claims agreement model for non-complex claims moved a step closer today after the London market's major trade bodies gave its creation the go-aheadRead more

India considers 100% foreign ownership of brokers: report

22 March 2017

The Indian government is considering allowing full foreign ownership of insurance brokers to attract more funds to the sector, according to a media reportRead more

Health reform struggle dims tax cut prospects: BMO

21 March 2017

US equity markets were hit hard today amid dimming prospects for significant tax reforms, which could undermine earnings forecasts built partly on the assumption that the corporate rate would be cut this yearRead more

Insurers take Dutch courage from VVD victory

21 March 2017

The election victory last week of the Netherlands' centre-right VVD Party over the anti-EU Party for Freedom has removed a cloud of uncertainty over the country's future within the blocRead more

EU data rules complicate Brexit planning

21 March 2017

The incoming EU General Data Protection Regulation could have major implications for UK carriers planning to leave key functions in the UK post-BrexitRead more

LMA calls for legal framework for drones

16 March 2017

The Lloyd's Market Association has called for legislation to align the use of drones with manned aircraft to make the growing sector easier to insureRead more

Oregon lawmakers to consider quake insurance needs

15 March 2017

A state task force will be formed in the Oregon Senate to consider whether to form an earthquake insurance provider modelled on California's publicly managed, privately funded carrierRead more

Lure of Luxembourg sways relocating carriers

14 March 2017

Consensus suggests that the unlikeness of a "Lexit", permissive regulation and an attractive tax regime have helped Luxembourg displace Dublin as the post-Brexit European hub of choiceRead more

CIRC establishes offshore reinsurance deposit system

14 March 2017

The Chinese regulator has introduced an offshore reinsurance deposit system aimed at mitigating the credit risk arising from foreign carriers operating in the countryRead more

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