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21 September 2017

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Ogden change could save (re)insurers $3.3bn: EY

7 September 2017

UK government proposals to reform the way the Ogden rate is calculated could save the (re)insurance industry £2.5bn ($3.3bn), according to Ernst & Young (EY)Read more

UK government says Ogden reforms would change rate to 0%-1%

7 September 2017

The UK's Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has drafted Ogden discount rate reforms which it said would result in a rate of between 0 percent and 1 percent, compared with minus 0.75 percent at present, based on current conditionsRead more

NFIP ran a $1.4bn deficit even before Harvey: CBO

5 September 2017

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), which is now projected to face Hurricane Harvey-related losses of as much as $10bn, underestimates annual claims by $1bn even in years without major catastrophes, a new Congressional Budget Office (CBO) study showsRead more

Harvey likely to drive short-term NFIP extension

5 September 2017

Dealing with the aftermath of Harvey and working on how to keep the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) in business past the end of this month will likely take centre stage as Congress returns from its August recessRead more

Opinion: NFIP flaws

31 August 2017

The inundation of Houston this week undoubtedly will expose the most fundamental flaws in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), a creation of the same government that ushered in then-president Lyndon Johnson's Great Society social welfare programmes in the 1960sRead more

Opinion: Feeling the spirit

24 August 2017

Managers, do you love regulation?Read more

Washington remains divided on NFIP as deadline nears

22 August 2017

As Washington's fiscal clock ticks down to zero and the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) faces the end of its legal life next month, efforts to compel lawmakers to renew and reform the federally subsidised coverage have taken on fresh urgencyRead more

Opinion: Trump flood rollback

17 August 2017

As with just about all things Trumpian, the US president's latest message has been clouded with unrelated and often inflammatory rhetoric that grabs headlines while obscuring the portent of his actionsRead more

Trump rolls back flood standards for roads, bridges

15 August 2017

President Donald Trump revoked an executive order from the Obama administration to roll back building standards in flood-prone areas to the rules that applied in the mid-1970s, sparking blistering criticism from both right and leftRead more

Insurers support rethink on Australian disaster spend

14 August 2017

Australian insurance bodies have supported a Senate committee report that called on the federal government to reconsider increasing its spending natural disaster mitigationRead more

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